Our company was founded in the year 1955, by Alfred R. Alarcon who started with only one skip-loader and dump-truck. Alfred recognized the opportunity in the homebuilding industry, which saw immense growth during the 1950’s. Over 11 million men and women were returning from the war and new laws were being passed by congress to ensure every U.S. citizen had access to affordable housing. The result was a boom in the population and the migration of U.S. citizens into the suburbs.

Alfred had a growing family of his own, he was the father of seven children: Josie, Alfred Jr, Ignacio, Richard, Yolanda, Samuel, Robert “Shorty”, and David his grandson. He continued to work as the sole operator over the next few years until his five boys started working in the company.

For 18 years, Alfred operated his grading using a “one move-in operation” which was at this time, the standard for builders. The one move-in operation consisted of the grading being completed near the end of the project.

Samuel (current President) who began his career in 1973 recognized the excess time between the pouring of the foundation and the framing of the house. After two years of experience as an operator, Samuel presented his two move-in Rough and Finish Grade operation to his contracted builders. His method became the most complete and efficient method to achieve lot balancing. Alarcon Sons, Inc. designed and created the first two move-in operation that is currently used in the building industry.

The method consists of the majority of the work and the removal of dirt to be completed during the Rough Grade. This allows the Finish Grading to be completed twice as fast with minimal amounts of dirt remaining.

Alfred and his five boys perfected this technique and the results spoke for themselves as they saw workload increases double in the 1970’s and triple in the 1980’s. Alarcon The business began to expand during these two decades and Alfred began purchasing more equipment. Our trucks are outfitted with the colors blue and white chosen by Alfred’s wife. The white symbolizes purity, while the blue represents the color of the dodgers her favorite baseball team.

In 1983, Alarcon Grading was blessed with their first outside operations manager, Judith P. Green. Judy created a professional office, with new internal regulations, and assisted with the company Employee Manual. She was also at the forefront of our incorporation in 1985. 

Today, we are led by Samuel, Robert, Sam Jr. and Sam Grijalva who operate equipment, supervise, and train all employees to continue our reputation of having the best operators and service in the industry.

The office is led by Michael and Jennifer Alarcon who handle all business matters for the company.